How to protect your polished concrete floors

One of the many advantages of polished concrete is that it’s a low-maintenance and highly durable material. It’s strong, and it won’t need as much care as timber, tile, or vinyl flooring to keep it looking great.

That’s why polished concrete is an ideal flooring solution for use in family homes with lots of children and high-traffic areas like supermarkets and apartment lobbies.

But while polished concrete is low-maintenance it does require a little care to keep it in good condition. If polished concrete isn’t properly maintained, it can lose its shine and begin to look dull or lackluster.

What Causes Dull-Looking Polished Concrete Floors?

One of the biggest causes of polished concrete floors losing their shine is the quality and type of cleaner used on them . Many cleaners can actually alter the surface, causing it to lose its polish, and look dull and lifeless.

Many cleaning products that you’d use around your home or apartment don’t contain any compounds that would help remove dirt from polished concrete surfaces. They also contain household ingredients like ammonia and bleach, which can damage polished concrete.

Another cause is humidity in the air around your home, especially if you live in an area where there are many humid days throughout the year. Polished concrete doesn’t absorb moisture into its pores, which can lead to water staining and damage.

How to Care for Your Polished Concrete Floors

The best way to take care of your polished concrete floors is to use a high-quality product specially formulated for polished concrete. These products typically aren’t hard to find – most major hardware stores sell polished concrete cleaners, and some businesses specialize in supplying people with the best products for their floors. However, for added convenience, you can also purchase these products online.

A good cleaner will help maintain the surface on your floor, keeping it shiny and bright. It should also contain mild abrasives that remove tough marks caused by small pieces of grit or abrasion. For example, if someone scrapes their shoes against your floor on entry into your home, this heavy-duty