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Surface Polish Finish (Nil Exposure)

Surface polished slabs are concrete floors where only the finished product left behind by the concrete contractor is polished. There is no rock (aggregate) exposed during the polishing process. Surface polishing is the preferred choice of finish for clients that are after an industrial look. These are the hardest floors to polish consistently, as the floor must be screeded completely flat and burnished to a high level that leaves no blade marks, inconsistencies or imperfections in the finish.

Careful consideration must be taken when choosing the surface polish finish, as many factors can affect the outcome of the final product. These floors are entirely achievable, but all variables must be considered for consistent colour and polish on this type of floor.

We can discuss and provide the information required to help get the best result for this type of finish; including advice on ordering concrete, placement, finishing and curing methods in preparation for these types of floors. However, we still cannot guarantee the look of the finished product.

Weather conditions, traffic conditions when the concrete is in transit, and other factors all influence the finishing process. Please remember that surface polishing is hardest out of all concrete polishing finishes to obtain a uniform finish, and the outcome may differ to what your initial expectations were.

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